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What Makes A Good Ticklee?

Tickling is a pastime where both parties need to give and take. An enthusiastic ticklee will find that if they make tickle play enticing and enjoyable for the tickler they will be tickled far more often! 

A good ticklee ensures the tickler is comfortable with the situation. This includes clothing involved and what areas the ticklee wants to be tickled in. 

A good ticklee will communicate clearly about how and where they want to be tickled, particularly if your tickler does not have experience in tickle play and therefore really has no idea what you want! Consider showing them sections of this site to give them an idea, and have a frank discussion with them about what you enjoy. 

A good ticklee does not kick the tickler in the face in a fit of laughter! At least, not if you want them to tickle you again. 

A good ticklee is open to suggestions from the tickler, and open to surprises too. Making a session fun for the tickler is the best way to make sure you can have further play in future. Perhaps there is a particular spot they most enjoy tickling you - you could indulge them, or offer a ticklish deal in return for being tickled on your own favourite spot.