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Tickling Games


The ticklee must hold their arms or an object above their head while being tickled under the arms and on their sides. Try to beat your own time, or switch with each other and try to beat each other's!

Pick Your Poison

The ticklee is tickled in three to five places for an agreed amount of time on each spot. They must be tickled thoroughly in each spot but they get to choose the order that the spots are tickled. There is an interesting psychological element to this - will the ticklee save the worst spots until last, or will they attempt to endure the most ticklish spots straight away? 

Random Tickles

Use a dice. For this game, or any game you invent using a dice, numbers can correspond to ticklish spots, such as:

  1. Armpits. 
  2. Sides.
  3. Belly.
  4. Legs. 
  5. Feet. 
  6. Everywhere!

A dice is rolled and the ticklee is tickled in that spot. This can be for an agreed amount of time, or roll the dice again and use the second result as minutes of tickling on that spot. For extra suspense, blindfold the ticklee so that they cannot see what the dice rolled, but only feel where the tickler starts their ticklish work! Hopefully the tickler is honest about what they roll...

Hide and Tickle

Best played inside, in private. In a very simple version the ticklee must hide and gets tickled when they are found.

In a second version, the tickler is the one who hides. Once the ticklee finds them, the ticklee is tickled for the amount of time it took them to find the tickler. If the ticklee is ticklish enough, this adds an element of desperation to their search!

What's That Tickle?

A blindfolded ticklee must guess what object is being used to tickle them. A ticklish punishment may ensue if they cannot guess correctly, perhaps within two guesses. However, this game could be adapted so that there is a ticklish punishment for the tickler if the item is guessed correctly. 

Tickle Me!

Set up a clock in view of the ticklee. Agree upon a time for which the ticklee will be tickled. Every five to ten seconds during this time, they have to repeatedly say "Tickle me!". If they stop saying it, they are tickled for longer. However, if they are laughing too hard to say it that is ok, as long as they say it immediately when they get over that extreme laughter - because imagine how difficult that is!

Domino Tickles

Open a box of dominoes and place them face down, or place them all in a bag. Dominoes are drawn randomly, with the number on one end indicating a ticklish spot like the tickle dice (above) and the other number indicating a number of minutes. 

This game can be varied so that the tickler gets to choose which number is the ticklish spot and which is the time, or the ticklee may choose, or both may alternate. 


Two or three very ticklish spots are chosen on the ticklee. This game works best with a restrained ticklee who cannot squirm away or otherwise interfere with the tickler. 

The tickler begins on any of those spots. At any time, the ticklee may yell "Switch!" at which point the tickler moves to the next spot. This sounds very easy on the ticklee at first glance, but if the spots chosen are ticklish enough it can actually be very difficult for the laughing, writhing ticklee to weight up whether they want the current tickling to stop more than they want to avoid having the next ticklish spot exploited.