Tickling Tutorials

These videos demonstrate each tickling technique in detail, giving you an idea of how to use them and how much each technique might tickle. If you enjoy our work and would like to support us, please join us on Patreon or Instagram following the links below.

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Tickling Tutorial Part One: Feathers on Feet

Focusing exclusively on the use of feathers on feet, Part One demonstrates different types of feathers and how to use different parts of them to achieve more or less ticklish sensations on your ticklee. 

Tickling Tutorial Part Two: Electric Brushes on Soles and Toes

In Part Two, an electric toothbrush and a motorised facial brush are used on the soles! 

Tickling Tutorial Part Three: Shoelaces, Pinwheels, Fingertips and Brushes

Part Three of our Tickling Tutorial Series focuses on the use of a shoelace, wartenberg wheel, fingertips and brushes to tickle the feet. 

Tickling Tutorial Part Four: Intense Feet Tickling

Part Four of our Tickling Tutorial Series demonstrates intense feet tickling techniques including brushes and baby oil.

Our ticklee begins unrestrained and she is required to keep her feet still to be tickled. 

Tickling Tutorial Part Five: Feathers on Upper Body

Part Five of our Tickling Tutorial series demonstrates the use of feathers to tickle the upper body. Our ticklee is tied in an inverted Y, and dressed in a bikini for maximum sensitivity. Watch out for intense upper body tickling in Part Six.

Tickling Tutorial Part Six: Feathers on Upper Body

Part Six of our Tickling Tutorial series focuses on the use of motorised brushes to tickle the upper body, as well as wartenburg wheels dragged over the best ticklish areas.